Why Choose to Study in Eduvo Academy

Why Choose to Study in Eduvo Academy


Eduvo designs and delivers learning experiences that inspire individuals and companies to grow and remain competitive in an increasingly connected world.

No Entry/SPM Requirement

No SPM or PTE required. We also accept home school students as long as your age is of a minimum 16 years old.

70% Practical and 30% Theory

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Confucius, We believe that by doing and experiencing it (hands-on), only then we will be able to understand any subject better compare to just listening to the lessons. We embrace action lifelong learning methodology.

Teaching & Lessons in Dual Language

All our trainers can teach in both English and Chinese. Note: We are called “trainers” and not the usual “Lecturers” becausewe believe in active engagement teaching, or what we called, “action learning” and a two-way communication method.

Complete Certification in One Year

Many colleges and universities require at least two years to complete a Diploma. After completing our Professional Diploma,students just need to complete another one more year to get a Professional Degree certification.

UK, USA & Industrial Recognition

Our Professional Diploma and Degree is from Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL), USA which is internationallyrecognized.

99% Job Placement

Eduvo has established collaboration with industry partners and has an extensive network of companies where students willbe placed into any of these companies upon graduation.

Industrial Training (Internship)

We provide 5 months internship for our students as industrial training to prepare them for the real-working world. During ourcourses, the course trainer may also bring students to meet real customers for them to experience real issues and solvereal problems. We don’t just simulate the project, we let our students experience the real thing.

Small Class Basis 1: 15

While most colleges and universities may have an average of 30 students per class, we have about 15 students per class.Reason? We want to give more personalized attention to our students to enhance their learning experience.

Unique Teaching Method

Eduvo Academy applies both Accelerated Action Learning and Gamification teaching methodology. Usually this type ofteaching/learning is only available at corporate trainings. But now, it is available in our Academy.

Experienced Trainers

All our trainers are professional trained and certified to be qualified trainers and coaches, where our trainers need to gothrough a number of hours in practice and gain practical real life experiences.

Strategic location

Our centres are located in strategic locations whereby they are just next to the MRT / LRT stations. Check out our locations here

100% Risk-Free Trial Class