Get Business Support

In Eduvo Academy, we pride ourselves with a unique action learning method. We provide real life case study to our students so that they can learn & experience the working world. Our partners spread across different industries providing a platform for our students to gain various experience. By collaborating with us as a learning partner, your business will not just benefit from the idea & creativity of the young mind but will also serve as a portfolio for future references.

Find out more on how you can be a learning partner by emailing us at candy@eduvoacademy.com.my with the subject line: Collaborate With Us.


Find an Intern

All Eduvo Academy diploma students spend almost ⅓ of their program on internship. The Eduvo Academy internships are all about learning and development and contributing with new perspectives and ideas. To our prospective Learning Partner, it’s a unique opportunity to work closely with the next generation of IT specialists, programmers, intrapreneurs and leaders. For our students, it’s an incredibly rewarding real-world experiential learning.

To provide an opportunity to our diploma students and request for an intern, please drop an email to candy@eduvoacademy.com.my with the subject line: Request for Intern.

Sponsor a Student

At Eduvo Academy, we believe that all students should have a fair chance of getting a more holistic education especially for those who are not academically inclined and not financially able. Well, for most of us, real life begins after high school (SPM). It serves as a transition where we decide on our next step in life – whether to continue to a higher education or to venture into the working world. But what happens when results don’t turn out to be as promising? Is there still a choice? Sadly, many young people who struggle academically and who face financial difficulties are often left with bleak prospects for their future. Year after year, thousands of graduates leave school carrying nothing more than empty hopes and uncertainty.

We, at Eduvo Academy, strive to deliver Hope, Humanity & Happinesse to these needy students and provide them with the right environment to a holistic education to mould them to be competent and compassionate beings. Having said that, we abide to a strict policy of qualifying deserving students.

To support & sponsor a student, please drop an email to candy@eduvoacademy.com.my with the subject line: Sponsor a Student.