Diploma in IT Support – Chey Yew Sing

Diploma in IT Support

Chey Yew Sing

Diploma In IT Support – Chey Yew Sing


From Eduvo Academy, I have enhance my softskill in Presentation and hardware skill in Information Technology. When I first decided to attend Eduvo Academy, I am lost and trying to set a goal to achieve from Eduvo Academy. I have taken course Professional Diploma in IT Support for around one year. I have learned technical skill and there is many other knowledge and experience while participate on society.

Eduvo Academy provide a calm yet crazy environment for students to study Information Technology skills. In Eduvo Academy tutor provide multi language to actually allow students can learn and master theirs skills. Thus, students can practice their skill while they are working for the society. From Eduvo Academy, beyond the IT knowledge that learned from class, there is also extra knowledge on how to facing society and many life principles.

At last, I appreciate all tutor which are Mr. Wo for teaching many skill and knowledge, Mr. Raymond and Mr. Wo for teaching many skill and knowledge to us encounter society well. Hereby, I wish my tutors all the best in their career and achieve their life goal.

恭喜咱们家的 Chey Yew Sing,完成Professional Diploma in IT Support.

👏🏻👏🏻 每个人在年轻的生涯里,难免会面临迷茫的时候,
但是在Yew Sing 的身上,老师们都深深的感受到Yew Sing 是一位不管遇到什么问题,都会想尽办法去解决,就算遇到迷茫,都会想办法设定目标,让自己成为更优秀的自己~
Yew Sing 是老师们很放心的学生~ 他在Eduvo学的每个技巧和知识,我都相信你会在工作上运用的很不错,甚至是更优秀 ~
愿毕业后前程似锦,一帆风顺!得空回来学校看看老师哦 🙃🙃�