Diploma In IT Support - Liom Tao Woei

Professional Diploma in IT Support – Liom Tao Woei

Diploma in IT Support

Diploma In IT Support - Liom Tao Woei

Diploma In IT Support – Liom Tao Woei



The day after I’m been graduate from middle school. Due my examination score isn’t well, so I’ve work ferry service for three years with basic and low salary. To seek higher career, I applied many of jobs but the condition of the economy not well in Kuala Terengganu, I’m not been hired. So, I went Kuala Lumpur to seek new job, no matter how hard I applied, experience, PMR/SPM result and lastly the Resume & Certificate are limit to me. The generation was change, and I change my mind and work. Since fixing PC and Troubleshoot is my favorite part. Thanks to Eduvo, they gave me a new life to step in the reality world! Not to mention doesn’t require the SPM result, overall studying with shorter years and 70% practical instead study theory. They guide me a new way that I never been taught from school. I learned a lot of things such as how to write resume, slide and a proper way to handle an interview with skilled and manner. Thanks to my best teacher, Alvin Pang. Not to mention the IT support skill, I learned more than just how it works instead of studying Youtube with just basic configure. Thanks to Eduvo & Alvin, for stay with part of my Journey. Giving me a Hope, Humanity & Happiness.


恭喜咱们家的 Liom Tao Woei ,完成Professional Diploma in IT Support. ??

只要勇于尝试改变,没有什么事情是不可能~ ??
或许在人生道路上会跌跌撞撞,会因为一些事情阻碍自己前进, ?
但是在 Tao Woei 身上,老师们和同学们都领悟到,
只要坚持学习,勇于踏出第一步,没有什么事情是不可能的 ~ ??
因为学习,改变命运! ?
俗语说得好 : 活到老,学到老?

Tao Woei , 继续保持学习的态度, 你是可以的 !! ???
祝:前程似锦,一帆风顺!得空回来学校看看老师哦 =)❤❤