• To provide participants with a basic and sound understanding of business accounting and their applications in the workplace.
• Get an overview of the entire accounting system and understanding of how transactions are sorted, classified and categorized into meaningful financial information.
• Learn how to prepare the final accounts - Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
• To understand and be able to utilize accounting information in their works and to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
• To enable participants to better interact with the accounts or finance department to enhance cooperation and to secure their support in achieving departmental objectives.
• Understand how Cloud Accounting operates and emerging importance.

What You'll Learn

  • Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Unit 1: Recording Financial Transactions And Bookkeeping

    Unit 2: Control Accounts

    Unit 3: Correction Of Errors And Journal Entries

    Unit 4: Adjustments In Financial Statements

    Unit 5: Financial Ratios And Interpretation

    Unit 6: Partnership

    Unit 7: Prepare Financial Statements For Limited Liability Company

    Unit 8: Incomplete Records For A Sole Trader

    Unit 9: Prepare Financial Statements For Non-Profit Organisations

    Unit 10: Prepare Financial Statements For Manufacturing Business

  • Computerised Accounting & Payroll

    Unit 1: Computerised Accounting

    Unit 2: Computerised Payroll

Certification Body


Who Should Attend

  • Interested in accounting related professions, hoping to enhance their academic qualifications, IAAP can help you qualify for academic competition with the dual bumper harvest.
  • Professionals who are engaged or preparing to do accounting work, or managers who need to make professional decisions using knowledge of accounting.

Entry Requirement

  • No previous academic qualification is needed. Students may begin their course after completing SPM or O Level.
  • Passable English is required.

Other Information

  • This training workshop will be conducted through online interactive activities, group and individual exercises, case studies and discussions.

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