IT Wonder Why 192 – How to hide WhatsApp online status

IT Wonder Why 192 – How to hide WhatsApp online status?

IT Wonder Why 192 – How to hide WhatsApp online status

IT Wonder Why 192 – How to hide WhatsApp online status

Perhaps all you want to do is check your messages privately without alerting anyone. Maybe you want to hide the fact that you’ve seen other people’s communications from them. Alternatively, perhaps you’re concerned about the privacy implications of the increasing number of services that let users track your location or even try to infer which of your friends are messaging whom. Let’s look at how to hide your WhatsApp status.

What is WhatsApp Online?

WhatsApp online status shows users when their contacts were last active on the platform and if they are actively using the programme.

When someone is online, it does not necessarily mean they have received your message; it merely signifies they are using the app at the time.

Last seen refers to the person’s most recent use of WhatsApp and does not imply that they have seen your most recent message. The blue check marks beside the message are the only way to tell if someone has viewed it.

If you don’t want your WhatsApp contacts to know your Last Seen or online status, you may quickly conceal it from everyone, limit it to your contacts, or exclude certain contacts from viewing it.


Tutorial Steps:

  1. First open WhatsApp
  2. Next click on 3 Dots
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Privacy
  5. Click on Last seen and online
  6. Select Same as last seen for the second setting
  7. And you’re done!

You can watch the video for aminated tutorial.


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