Professional Double Diploma – Chua Eng Teck

Professional Double Diploma

Professional Double Diploma - Chua Eng Teck

Professional Double Diploma – Chua Eng Teck

So I am finally graduated from Eduvo Academy after 2 years of study. I was attracted to study at Eduvo because the duration of study in short, not as long as other college. I have taken two courses which is Diploma in IT Support and Diploma in Software Engineering. I had gain a lot of knowledge and skills from both courses and this will help me a lot in my future career.


Trainers here in Eduvo are all very kind and humble. They are very helpful whenever I have difficulties to understand the lesson or the assignments given. If you ask me who is my favorite trainer, I would say is Mr. Steve. At first, I thought that he is very cool and hard to get along person, but after few classes, I found that actually he is a kind and warm lecturer. His teaching is very effective and understanding and also he love his students very much, I still remember he treat us for lunch on the last day of his class. Other than that, the best thing coming to study at Eduvo Academy is I get to know a lot of friends.


Lastly, I would like to thank all trainers, Alvin, Raymond, Steve, Kok Keong and also Pak Lin for teaching us so many skills and knowledge.
恭喜咱们家的 Chua Eng Teck ,完成Professional Double Diploma.
每个人都有自己的梦想,想要达到的目标 ~
非常感动的是,在Eng Teck身上看到,
Eng Teck ,老师与同学与你为傲哦 ~
继续加油 ️~ You Are The BEST !!! ️